November 14, 2023

SOVA Innovation Hub's $600,000 grant to accelerate entrepreneurial support in Southern Virginia bolsters funding for Flemming Center-supported programming.

Under the leadership of Director Andrew King, the H-SC Flemming Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation has become an integral part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Southern Virginia through partnership with RISE Collaborative. Thanks to continued support from project partners, that ecosystem is getting a big boost from a $600,000 grant from GO Virginia awarded to the SOVA Innovation Hub in support of RISE Collaborative programming. The grant bolsters excitement and support for projects like the Farmville-based SEED Innovation Hub—launched in partnership between Hampden-Sydney and the Longwood Small Business Development Center—estimated to open in 2024.

“We are excited to continue our leadership role with the SEED Innovation Hub, particularly in light of the latest grant award,” Dr. King says. “This collaboration proves Hampden-Sydney College's commitment to fostering opportunities for our students to gain practical learning through the Hub's community facing programming and networking with like-minded entrepreneurs.” The SEED Innovation Hub has been running programming for two years awaiting development of the physical location, which will give Hampden-Sydney students increased access to experts, innovators, and state-of-the-art technology. This grant will support continued programming and operational costs when the SEED Innovation Hub opens.

Read the official press release at SOVA RISE Collaborative.

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