Crime Reporting

The offices of the Department of Public Safety and Police are located in the Bush House at 88 Atkinson Avenue on campus. There is 24-hour coverage.

It is the policy of the College, if feasible, to have Public Safety and Police personnel and/or other appropriate staff respond to any reported crime or emergency involving a threat to personal safety and security or to enlist the help of local police agencies or emergency services, such as the First Responder Service of the Hampden-Sydney Volunteer Fire Department or the Prince Edward Volunteer Rescue Squad, all of which can be reached by dialing 911.

For direct telephone access to the Department of Public Safety and Police, dial 223-6164 (only 6164 is needed if dialing from a location  that is part of the College's telecommunications system). If there is no answer or only a recorded answering device, call 392-3332, and the Farmville Dispatcher will immediately try to contact a Campus Police officer through the police communications system. The Dispatcher can also call for assistance from the Prince Edward County Sheriff's Office or the State Police, who work independently or cooperatively with the Department of Security and Police, as the situation requires.

IN AN EMERGENCY: Dial 911 or, if feasible, use one of the BLUE PHONEs found at the following locations: Venable Parking lot, Crawley Parking lot, Alpha Dorm Parking lot, Bortz Library Parking lot, Fraternity Circle, and Front Sidewalk of Carpenter Dorms. 

If you feel threatened or have a safety or security concern and are unsure of what to do, remember that your Resident Advisor, or any other Resident Advisor, can be a source for assistance, as can be the deans in the Student Affairs office in Brown Student Center.

Where the nature of a problem is such that other support services are required, such as counselors and health service professionals, Campus Police officers or personnel in the Dean of Students' office will make the contacts, as deemed necessary.

You are urged to report all acts of violence or crimes, including theft, to the Director of Campus Public Safety and Police or other Campus Police officers, the Dean of Students or members of his staff, or Resident Advisors. If you discover a crime to have been committed after the fact, it needs to be reported, too, so that follow-up action can be taken, if needed, and accurate records can be maintained. Thefts, which would involve a possible breach of the Honor Code, would also be reported to the President of Student Government and/or the Dean of Students.

Crime Log