It is mandatory that your vehicle be registered each year with the Department of Public Safety and Police. You will be issued a decal with a registration number to affix to your vehicle.

Register your vehicle (login required)

Once you have registered, you will pick-up your decal in the matriculation line or the Public Safety and Police Office when you arrive on campus. If there are any problems with the registration process, follow the directions in the online process or contact the Public Safety and Police Office.

Parking Ticket Appeal Form


Parking areas on campus are designated by color. Motorists are authorized to park in their designated area, only.

  • Students Parking Areas - designated by red signs
  • Faculty & Staff Parking Areas - designated by blue signs and/or curbs
  • Guest Parking Areas - designated by white signs and/or curbs and pavement markings
  • Open Parking Areas - designated by blue/white/red signs
  • Short Term Parking Areas - designated by descriptive language sign

No Parking At Any Time

Parking is prohibited in certain areas to promote pedestrian and vehicular safety and to enhance the aesthetics of the campus. These are the areas on campus where parking is prohibited:

  • On lawns or playing fields
  • On Via Sacra, except during designated special events.
  • On College Road, southbound.
  • The entire length of Athletic Center Drive from College Road at the main gate to the Kirby Field House parking lot. (Athletic Center Drive from Atkinson Avenue the Kirby Field House parking lot is designated student parking.)
  • The parking area between Crawley Forum and Hampden House (Event Parking Only)
  • The semi-circular drive in front of Hampden House, which is reserved at all times for meeting and event parking.
  • The area adjacent to the Post Office loading dock. This is only for delivery vehicles or emergency, service or maintenance vehicles. College staff picking up and delivering mail from offices are authorized to use this area.
  • All designated Loading Zones.
  • Gilkerson House parking lot - Human Resources business only
  • The service road/fire lane in front of Dickinson, Johnson and Cox Halls.
  • The area behind Johns Auditorium. This is only for delivery vehicles or emergency, service or maintenance vehicles.
  • On the concrete pad in front of Crawley Forum. This area is for loading and unloading.
  • College road during snow emergencies, when all student vehicles must be parked in student designated areas or off the roads until all State and College roads are clear.
  • Graham Circle
* In order to avoid substantial fines, please obey parking regulations.


 The speed limit for College Road, Via Sacra, and Atkinson Avenue is 25 mph. For all other campus roads and parking areas, the speed limit is 15 mph. The Department of Security and Police utilizes RADAR in order to enforce speed limits and to provide a safe campus community.