General outpatient healthcare is provided at the Student Health Services either by a nurse or physician. Referrals are made to other providers when more extensive care is needed. There is no charge for routine care at Student Health Services; however, fees for services that are provided by other providers are the responsibility of the student. Student Health Services offers flu vaccines and tetanus boosters at no cost to students.

Health Education
The staff believes that health education is a very important part of a student's experience; therefore, Student Health Services provides programs and informational material on subjects ranging from alcohol and other drug use through sexual health and general health concerns.

Allergy Injections

The staff will give allergy injections to students who are at or nearing their maintenance dose. We will not initiate the series of shots. Before we provide this service we ask that students check with their allergists to ensure that our procedure for administration meets that physician's requirements. Allergy injections are only given when our physician is present at the Student Health Services. The student must remain in the Health Center for 30 minutes following the allergy injection(s) to observe for any acute reactions. There is no charge for administration of these injections.

Counseling Services
Students who are seeking services for emotional problems are generally referred to the Counseling Center where they may confer with the College's Director of Counseling.

Student Health Services provides the following immunizations:

  • Influenza/Flu (FREE)
  • Tetanus/Diphtheria (FREE)

The following services are NOT offered by Student Health Services:

Emergency Medicine
Student Health Services should not be considered a comprehensive medical facility. In the event of a medical emergency, students should call 911 (9-911 from a campus phone) for assistance. Medical emergencies include problems such as head injury, profuse bleeding, difficulty breathing, alcohol poisoning, auto accidents, possible major fractures, etc. Student Health Services is not equipped to treat medical emergencies.

Medical Excuses
Student Health Services does not provide medical excuses for absences from classes. If a professor calls to inquire, we will only provide information after the student has signed a Release of Information Statement. We will not reveal the reason for the visit nor will we give the student a note to take to the professor. Class absences are a matter to be discussed between the teacher and the student. On occasion, Student Health Services does direct the Dean of Student's Office to notify professors of a prolonged illness or debilitation resulting from an injury. However, in all cases, the student is required to contact his professors as soon as possible and to make up all the work that he was unable to complete because of illness.