Hampden-Sydney College values the study abroad or away experience. Whether you are a freshman just starting your college career, a sophomore getting ready to plan your semester abroad or away, or a language major completing the required foreign study component for graduation, you can choose from a wide array of programs in over 30 countries.

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The Director of Global Education will help you all along the way, from determining which program best fits your personal, academic, and professional goals, to helping you synthesize your experiences when you return to campus.  The director is ready to advise you on various topics, such as how and when to complete your applications, funding opportunities, the course approval process, how to prepare for living elsewhere, applying for visas, and more.

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Study Abroad & Away Programs

Want to improve your language skills?  Students can select language immersion programs, such as those in France, China, Spain and Argentina, or language enhancing programs (with some classes taught in English), such as those in Austria, Germany, France and Japan.  Do you wish to further your studies in government and foreign affairs?  The American University in Washington, D.C. program may be what you're looking for.  Or how about studying art and architecture in Athens, Paris or London, classical studies in Italy or Greece, economics or political science in Eastern Europe, literature in Ireland, or marine sciences in Australia?

Opportunities are also available at world-renowned universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, the London School of Economics, and Trinity College Dublin. Students with higher than average GPAs are encouraged to apply to these programs.

Some programs are eligible for Compass credit.  For more information, please contact the Director of Global Education.

Semester Programs   Summer Programs

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Common Questions:

Global Ed Forms

Application Forms
All students who wish to attend a Global Ed program need to complete a program-specific application form, found on the relevant webpage:

Semester Programs
Summer/May Term Programs

Credit Transfer Forms
Students on the Virginia Program at Oxford or an H-SC Faculty-Led Program (May Term Abroad/May Term Away) such as the Muenster program will register for courses via TigerWeb. 

Students on all other programs can apply for transfer credit, using the appropriate form below.

Semester Abroad Course Approval Form

Semester Away Course Approval Form

Summer/Winter Term Course Approval Form

Am I Eligible to Go?

All Programs
Students must be in good academic, disciplinary, and financial standing at time of departure.  Furthermore, students must complete all forms on time and attend all pre-departure meetings required by the Office of Global Education and Study Abroad. The Dean of Students reviews the disciplinary records of all applicants. Students may apply while currently under probation, as long as their sanctions will be completed before their program begins. Students with problematic disciplinary histories might not be approved, whether they are currently on probation or not. Students placed on disciplinary probation after being approved or who have not completed all imposed sanctions prior to departure may have that approval revoked.

Semester(s) Programs 
Students with a 2.5 or higher GPA and a minimum of 45 hours are eligible to apply to H-SC to attend an endorsed semester program.  Those who wish to study abroad during their sophomore or senior year must request a waiver as part of their application.  Each program will have its own eligibility requirements students must meet.  

H-SC Abroad & Away Programs (Summer)
Students with a 2.0 or higher GPA at the end of the fall semester before departure are eligible to apply.  

VA Program at Oxford (Summer)
Students with a 2.0 or higher GPA are encouraged to apply.  

Other Summer Programs
Students with a 2.5 or higher GPA are encouraged to apply.  Each program provider will have its own eligibility requirements students must meet.  The program must first be approved by the director of Global Education and Study Abroad.

When Can I Go?

Summer (H-SC Programs, VA Program at Oxford, non-H-SC summer programs)

Spring Semester (if waiver request approved); Summer (H-SC Programs, VA Program at Oxford, non-H-SC summer programs)  

Fall Semester and/or Spring Semester; Summer (H-SC Programs, VA Program at Oxford, non-H-SC summer programs)   

Fall Semester (if waiver request approved); Summer (H-SC Programs, VA Program at Oxford, non-H-SC summer programs)

Where Can I Go?

The College does not approve participation in a program whose location has a U.S. State Department Travel Advisory of Level 3 or higher and/or a Level 3 CDC Travel Health Notice.

Semester(s) Programs
Hampden-Sydney endorses more than 150 programs in over 30 countries, including Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and the United States.

Summer Programs

  • H-SC Faculty-Led ProgramsVarious programs are organized by our own faculty each year. Language programs in Germany and Spain/Latin America are normally offered every year. 
  • VA Program at Oxford (VPO): England 
  • Non-H-SC Affiliated Summer Programs: All over the world

Can I Afford to Go?

Semester(s) Programs: Students participating in an Endorsed Program pay H-SC fees, which for one semester is the Study Abroad Special Fee and half of the Study Abroad Trip Fee.  All financial aid, including Federal, State, and H-SC-administered aid/scholarships, may apply to the cost of tuition, housing, and food expense for these programs.

If the provider's fees exceed those of H-SC, the overage is charged to your H-SC account.  International travel insurance is required and may be billed separately to your H-SC account.  Scholarships from external organizations will be considered for application to your H-SC account on a case-by-case basis, up to the amount of H-SC's fees.  Students are advised to consult with the Financial Aid and Student Accounts offices.  H-SC will pay the tuition, room and board, and deposit fees directly to your provider.  Students are responsible for paying any application fees, room damage deposit fees, visa application fees, airfare, optional trip fees, etc.

Summer Programs: Costs for H-SC Programs, VPO, and non-HSC affiliated programs vary by location, duration, number of classes taken and are in addition to fees paid during the academic year. 

Funding opportunities for study abroad are available.

Global Ed Funding

What Are H-SC's Application Deadlines?

Fall or Full Year Semester Programs: February 15

Spring Semester Programs: September 15  

Summer Programs:

  • H-SC Faculty-Led Programs: February 1 (applications available online December 1)
  • VA Program at Oxford: February 15 (applications available online January 15)
  • Non-HSC Summer Programs: February 15

Information for Travelers


  • Identity-Based Resources - Diversity Abroad's Diversity and Inclusion Abroad guide, with sections on students on a budget, first generation college students, LGBTQ+ students, students of color, religious or spiritual students, and more.
  • U.S. Dept. of State  - consular reports on all countries, travel warnings, info on getting or replacing U.S. passport
  • Center for Disease Control - info on travel vaccinations required to visit a particular country and country information on outbreaks and epidemics
  • Obtaining a Passport - the best source for information on obtaining passports
  • Passport Emergencies - information on how to get a passport in an emergency (or call 800-367-1818)
  • Currency exchange - currency converter
  • Voting abroad - how to vote while abroad
  • Power Plug Adaptor Check - determine what you need to use your electronics abroad

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Global Ed Funding

Funding opportunities for study abroad and away programs are available.

Global Ed Funding