Studying Abroad or Away During the Academic Year (Fall/Spring)

Immerse yourself for a semester or full-year! Study abroad in another country or study away in the United States—Hampden-Sydney College endorses 100 programs in 30 different countries.

Global Ed Program (Abroad/Away) Eligiblity Requirements

  • Minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • 45 credit hours earned before departure
  • Good standing with the business office
  • Approval from the Dean of Students
  • Approval from the Director of Global Education and Study Abroad

The Dean of Students reviews the disciplinary records of all applicants. Students may apply while currently under probation, as long as their sanctions will be completed before their program begins. Students with problematic disciplinary histories might not be approved, whether they are currently on probation or not. Students placed on disciplinary probation after being approved, or who have not completed all imposed sanctions prior to departure may have that approval revoked.

Students meeting these requirements typically participate in an Endorsed Program their junior year. Students wishing to attend an program in the spring of their sophomore year or fall of their senior year must complete the waiver request section of the application.

Please note: In addition to H-SC's requirements, each program will have its own eligibility requirements and application deadlines students must meet.

Application Process

GE App Process

Approved students are eligible to apply to their program of choice from the Endorsed List

Global Ed Application Form

Endorsed Programs

Please be aware, the College does not approve participation in a program whose location has a U.S. State Department Travel Advisory of Level 3 or higher and/or a Level 3 CDC Travel Health Notice.  Students who would like to petition for an exemption to this policy are advised to reach out to the director of Global Education no later than March 1 (Fall Programs) or October 1 (Spring Programs).  Likewise, students who are not vaccinated for Covid-19 will need to request an exemption to the vaccination requirement.

Programs vary in their course offerings and on-site experience and students are encouraged to review their options in consultation with the Director of Global Ed and their academic advisor.  The following Endorsed Programs are chosen for compatibility with the College's goals and curriculum, the living and classroom status at the host institution, and the program's location.

Students wishing to attend a program that is not on the Endorsed List, or whose location is ranked at a Level 3 or higher, must petition for approval from the International Studies Committee and/or Risk Team.  Interested students must meet with the Global Ed director first in order to initiate this process.  

Endorsed Study Abroad & Away Programs

Cost and Finances

Students participating in an Endorsed Program pay H-SC's Global Education Program Fees, which are listed on the College's Tuition & Fees page.  All financial aid, including Federal, State, and H-SC-administered aid/scholarships, may apply to the cost of tuition, housing, and food expense for these programs.

Students who drop out or are removed from a program will be responsible for all non-refundable fees owed to the program and Hampden-Sydney College.

Budgeting Worksheets

SEP 15: Global Ed funding apps are due for spring programs
FEB 15: Global Ed funding apps are due for fall or full-year programs

Receiving Credit for Courses

ABROAD COURSES: Only courses in which students earn a C or higher are eligible for transfer credit. Transfer grades will be listed on the H-SC transcript, but will not be computed as part of the student's H-SC GPA. Course with grades of C- or lower will not transfer.  Students are to complete a Global Ed Course Approval Form with department chair approvals for courses they intend to take prior to departure. 

Semester Abroad Course Approval Form

AWAY COURSES: The grades students earn in all their courses while studying on co-operative programs within the U.S. will be computed as part of their H-SC GPA.  Students are to complete a Global Ed Course Approval Form with department chair approvals for courses they intend to take prior to departure.

Semester Away Course Approval Form

COMPASS/EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: Students who would like to earn credit toward Hampden-Sydney's Compass requirement must usually enroll in a Hampden-Sydney 1-credit course in addition to program classes. This is the case for all semester or full-year programs.  If you are interested in earning Compass credit, please discuss your options with the Global Ed director.


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