In addition to the College’s own academic study abroad programs, Hampden-Sydney students are eligible to participate and earn academic credits in approved foreign-study programs sponsored by other colleges or educational organizations. These programs offer a variety of opportunities for study throughout the world.

Students in full-year or semester programs should have earned a minimum of 45 hours with a grade-point average of 2.5 at the time of undertaking foreign study. Ordinarily, full-year or semester programs of foreign study are approved for the junior year. Second semester sophomores or seniors wishing to study abroad during the academic year must first seek a waiver.

Grades in courses taught in a foreign country by Hampden-Sydney professors and courses offered in a program in which Hampden-Sydney College has policy-making and administrative oversight (e.g., the Virginia Program at Oxford) are computed in the grade-point average. Hampden-Sydney students are able to transfer credit hours for all passing work with a grade of C or better completed in programs endorsed by the International Studies Committee. All other foreign-study courses are considered for transfer credit on an ad hoc basis. Any student who studies abroad is responsible for providing the Office of Global Education and Study Abroad with transcripts of the work promptly on completion of the foreign study. Students should make foreign-study plans in consultation with their academic advisor and the Director of Global Education and Study Abroad.

Students should contact the Office of Financial Aid to consider the impact of foreign study on their financial aid. Some financial aid may be available to eligible Hampden-Sydney students wishing to study abroad. Information about foreign-study programs is available from the Office of Global Education and Study Abroad.

To encourage and facilitate foreign study, the International Studies Committee of the Faculty approves foreign-study programs for the list of Endorsed Programs maintained by the Office of Global Education and Study Abroad. These semester or full-year programs are chosen for their compatibility with the College’s goals and curriculum, students’ living and classroom status at the host institution, and the location of the programs. Students are expected to take at least one course in the language (where the dominant language is not English) and the culture of the host country. These programs are the principal foreignstudy programs recommended to Hampden-Sydney students. Courses taken in these programs must be approved in advance by the chairs of the academic departments involved.

The addition of a foreign-study program to the College’s list of endorsed programs requires an in-depth review by the International Studies Committee of the Faculty and subsequent approval by the Dean of the Faculty, followed by the completion of an articulation agreement with the host institution for the program. In order to allow sufficient time for this process, requests for such additions must be submitted to the International Studies Committee of the Faculty at least one full semester in advance of the desired date of participation in such a program.

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updated 7/30/21