Institutional effectiveness is used to describe the process of continuous improvement which includes the three phase cycle of planning, assessment, and reflection that uses data to evaluate and make improvements.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness reports to the Dean of Faculty. This office is responsible for:

  • a comprehensive institutional effectiveness program, which includes serving as the institution's central warehouse for SACS-COC accreditation;
  • the systematic collection and evaluation of longitudinal data related to the College's long-range plan;
  • oversight of the academic and administrative assessment program to provide data to inform institutional decisions; and
  • to collect, analyze, and report precise and reliable data to state and federal agencies, publications, and campus constituents on behalf of the College to allow the College to be more effective in achieving its objectives by providing a framework for articulating and evaluating its goals. 

The key stakeholders for the services of this office are:

  • the College President;
  • Dean of Faculty;
  • the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia;
  • the Vice Presidents of the College; and
  • the Deans of the institution.

 Our vision in Institutional Effectiveness is to help the College:

Institutiopnal Effectiveness logo - a graphic of three colored pillars that reads, "OIE-HSC"

  • be data informed, not data driven.
  • share what we have discovered, and highlight our endeavors to clearly articulate the institution's issues and communicate them with data-informed stories.
  • build a culture of evidence through efforts to centralize data.
  • engage and empower our campus community.

If you have questions, please contact the Director of Institutionsl Effectiveness.


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  • AIR -  Association of Institutional Research ( AIR Code of Ethics)
  • SAIR -  Southern Association of Institutional Research
  • VAMAP -  Virginia Association for Management Analysis and Planning
  • VAG -  Virginia Assessment Group
  • VERA -  Virginia Educational Research Association

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