• Claire E. Deal

    Professor of Rhetoric

    Claire Deal

  • Jacob Euteneuer

    Elliott Assistant Professor of Rhetoric

    Jacob Euteneuer

  • Steven Florczyk

    Visiting Assistant Professor of Rhetoric

    Steven Florczyk

  • Sean Gleason

    Elliott Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Associate Director of the Ferguson Center for Public Speaking

    Sean Gleason

  • Sarah B. Hardy

    Johns Professor of English

    Sarah Hardy

  • Abigail T. Horne

    Associate Professor of English

    Abigail Horne

  • Chelsie A. Malyszek

    Visiting Assistant Professor of Rhetoric

    Chelsie Malyszek

  • Nicholas D. Nace

    Elliott Associate Professor of Rhetoric & Director of the Rhetoric Program

    Nicholas Nace

  • Nathaniel D. Perry

    Elliott Professor of English and Editor of The Poetry Review

    Nathaniel Perry

  • Miranda N. Rouse

    Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Director of the Rhetoric Studio

    Miranda Rouse

  • Shawn H. Schooling

    Senior Lecturer in Rhetoric; Associate Director of Rhetoric

    Shawn Schooling

  • Cristine M. Varholy

    Associate Professor of English

    Cristine Varholy

  • Katherine J. Weese

    Venable Professor of English

    Katherine Weese

  • Allyson Williams Harris

    Visiting Instructor in Rhetoric

    Allyson Harris