Documentation and Procedures for Requesting a Math Substitution:

A student may appeal for a substitution of the math requirement in the core curriculum based on prior testing for a learning disability or by referral of a mathematics professor because of unusually severe difficulties in a college-level mathematics course. For entering students with prior documentation of a learning disability, the appeal may be filed prior to matriculation or at any time thereafter. In order to be allowed to substitute courses to fulfill the College's math requirement, the student must submit diagnostic test scores administered by an appropriate professional external to the College and the Office of Disability Services. The College's learning disabilities consultant will evaluate all scores and make a recommendation to the Disability Services Coordinator and the student. The documentation necessary to establish a math disability can be found in Procedures for Disability Documentation (Other specific learning disabilities.) Testing must have taken place within three years of the date of application for the math substitution and the results must be based on tests using adult norms. The College reserves the right to require additional testing if deemed necessary by its consultant. If the test scores indicate a severe math disability, as outlined in the College's policy on learning disabilities, the student may appeal to the Executive Committee of the Faculty in writing requesting a substitution of a math course to fulfill the graduation requirement. The student's letter should be accompanied by documentation of the disability, a letter from the student's math professor (if the student is or has been enrolled in a math at Hampden-Sydney), and a letter from the Disability Services Coordinator summarizing the findings of the College's consultant. Depending on the circumstances, the Disability Services Coordinator may also recommend that the student be granted a late drop from a math course or the removal of the grade received previously in such a course. The Executive Committee of the Faculty has complete discretion to determine whether or not to grant the math substitution request. EX: A Math Substitution will not be granted in the case where the mathematics course is a requirement of the major, as this would constitute a fundamental alteration of the program.  

Course Substitutions for Students with Math Disability

Students with Documented Math Disabilities who have been approved for a Math Substitution may fulfill their math requirement by completing one of the following two courses:

Computer Science 161-- Introduction to Computing or
Philosophy 201-- Logic.

Students using one of these courses to fulfill the math substitution, may not use the same course to fulfill any other core requirement.

Last updated on 5/2016