Fellowships and scholarships are nationally competitive awards for graduate study, personal enrichment, travel, and research for undergraduates. These awards recognize excellence, initiative, and a drive to make an impact in the world. We encourage you to stretch your goals and aspirations and represent Hampden-Sydney on the national and international stage! 

Applying to one of these awards is just the first step. Creating an application will provide you with a crash course in understanding yourself, your motivations, and your goals. Even if you don't advance in the competition, you are better prepared to move ahead in your life. We have had a number of successes over the years, and we invite you to take the first step.

Recent Fellowship Winners

Charlie Wolfe ' 20, Goldwater Scholar (2019)
James Austin Senecal '19, Boren Scholar (2018)
David Bushhouse '19, Goldwater Scholar (2018)
Ryan Kluk `17, Teach for America, Arkansas
James Lau `17, Goldwater Scholar (April 2016)
Alex Abbott `17, Fulbright UK Summer Institute, University of Bristol (April 2014)
Lee Ayscue `15, Goldwater Scholar (April 2014)
Dontae Buck `15, Teach for America, Maryland
Lukas Epps-Dawson `15, Teach for America, North Carolina
Jahangir Iqbal `15, Gilman Scholarship, China (June 2013)
Edward Park `15, Gilman Scholarship, South Korea (June 2013)
Will Hudson `14, Teach for America, Mississippi
Arley Morelock `14, Teach for America, North Carolina
Lewis Bell `13, Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Greece
Alex Price `13, NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship, Medical Physics at Duke University

Director of Fellowship Advising

Dr. Cristine Varholy
Associate Professor of English
Morton 116  | (434) 223-6401

Dr. Nick Nace, Interim Director, 2019-20
Assistant Professor of Rhetoric
Morton Hall 003 | (434) 223-6245

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