1. Purpose:
    To establish a policy for the safe use of utility carts by students with limited mobility needs on campus.  This policy also sets forth the procedure for obtaining permission to operate the designated cart on College property.
  2. Scope:
    This policy covers all types of utility carts used for transportation of people with limited mobility issues .
  3. Definitions:
    1. Utility Cart. As used herein, the term shall apply to all unlicensed (unregistered) off-the-road carts operated on the campus, including golf carts .
  4. Policy:
    1. No mini-bikes, motorized cycles, go-carts, ATV’s, hover boards (self-balancing, electric-wheeled boards), gold carts (unless approved by the Disability Services Coordinator; cart must be battery powered), etc. are allowed to be used or stored on campus or College-owned property. ( The Key, “Department of Public Safety and Police Licensed Motor Vehicle Registration and Parking Regulation”).
    2. Utility carts essential to the transportation of individuals with limited mobility issues shall be permitted to operate on campus upon proper approval. Requests for approval to utilize these carts by mobility impaired persons will be referred to the Office of Disability Services.  The Disability Services Coordinator may consult with the Director of Student Health as necessary.  The coordinator will determine the length of time the user will be allowed use of the cart.  The coordinator will also maintain a copy of this policy signed by the user.  The Department of Public Safety and Police will be notified when permission is granted to a student for using a utility cart.
    3. The use of certain medications may restrict or prohibit the request for permission to operate a utility cart on College-owned property.
    4. The procurement of a utility cart will be the responsibility of the approved individual. Hampden-Sydney College will not provide vehicles of this type.  All liability concerning the use of these vehicles on college property will be the responsibility of the operator.  The operator or designee will be responsible for insuring the vehicle.
    5. Utility carts may not be operated on state maintained roadways at any time. Carts may cross streets only at crosswalks.
    6. Utility carts shall be parked so as not to obstruct normal egress from buildings or block exits, handicapped ramps or paths of pedestrian travel on sidewalks. Utility carts may not be parked in handicapped spaces, reserved spaces (unless reserved for the utility cart) or fire lanes.
    7. Utility carts are to be recharged only at designated recharge areas. The use of extension cords from inside buildings to carts is prohibited.  Utility carts are to be recharged only at designated recharge areas.  The designated recharge receptacle will be marked with a placard reading “Utility Cart Charging Station.”  Only chargers approved by the cart manufacturer may be used.  The use of extension cords from inside buildings to a cart is prohibited.
    8. The utility cart may not be loaned to other students for personal use. The utility cart may only be operated when the approved person of limited mobility is occupying the vehicle. 
    9. Utility carts shall not be operated at night without properly working head and tail lights.
    10. Any abuse of this policy shall be referred to the Disability Services Coordinator. If deemed necessary the Coordinator may refer the abusive behavior to the Hampden-Sydney College Department of Public Safety and Police.  The police department reserves the right to restrict the use of, or impound utility carts, if the student uses the cart in such a way that his/her safety or the safety of others is jeopardized.

REVISED April 12, 2018

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