Before you arrive, please be sure to check with your roommate about sharing items.

What is already provided in your room:

  • Extra long twin bed - 36" x 80" (Pillows not provided)
  • Desk and Desk Chair
  • Dresser
  • Closet or Wardrobe
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Basic cable, Ethernet jacks, and WiFi

Note: No college furniture may be removed from your room at any time

What you need to bring:

Room Furnishings, Room Care and Appliances:

 Bedding, Pillows, Linens (XL twin 36" x 80"), Mattress cover/topper (optional)

Coordinate with roommate:

 Microwave (UL listed; up to 1000 watts)
 Refrigerator (UL listed; up to 4.3 cubic feet)
 Coffee maker
 Vacuum cleaner/floor sweeper
 Area rug, floor lamp (Halogen lamps are not permitted)
 Cleaning supplies/dish soap/sponges, air freshener
 Kitchen items (cups, silverware, paper towels, can opener)
 A small set of tools (screwdrivers, wrench, hammer, pliers, tape measure, Command hooks)
 Storage containers/crates for extra storage


 Laptop/Notebook Computer
 Flashlight & Batteries

Coordinate with roommate:
 TV, HDMI cord
 Surge protectors (built-in 15 amp circuit breaker required)

Personal Care and Clothing:

 Coat and Tie
 Toiletries, Shower shoes, bath tote 
 Towels, Wash Cloths
 Iron/ironing board; clothes hangers, sewing kit
 Laundry Basket/bag & Detergent/Fabric Softener
 Raincoat and Umbrella
 Small First Aid Kit


 Academic Supplies (also available at our Campus Store)
 Bicycle and bicycle lock
 Sleeping Bag

Please leave these at home:

X   Extension cords, cube adapters, or multi-prong cords
X   Candles, curtains or window treatments
X   Electric grills, air fryers (George Foreman, etc.)
X   Electric or gas/kerosene heaters
X   Hot plates or toaster ovens
X   Fireworks
X   Lofts or waterbeds
X   Paintball/BB guns/Airsoft guns
X   Dart Boards
X   Pets
X   Inflatable pools or hot tubs

Posters, flags, banners etc. must be behind glass or Plexiglas, in such a manner that no part of the item can be exposed to open flame. You cannot put holes in the walls in order to hang up posters.

Each student is allowed to display one (1) 3’x5’ poster or flag on his wall, uncovered. Additional poster or flag decorations are prohibited under Fire Safety rules and regulations in the Key.

Other Things To Know:

  1. Resident Advisors and other student leaders will help you unload your car and move into your room.
  2. The College Business Office will cash checks for you. (Limited to $300.00).
  3. A BB&T (Truist) ATM is available in the Brown Student Center.
  4. Washers and dryers are available to students and are located in three freshman locations free of charge. (Basements of Carp Z, East House, and West House).
  5. Whitehouse Colonnades (NC/SC/WC) rooms consist of suites with a shared bathroom.
  6. Whitehouse Houses (NH,EH,SH,WH), Cushing and Carpenter buildings have common bathrooms on the hall.
  7. Use of tobacco products is prohibited in student living areas.
  8. Please refer to the student handbook, The Key for more information.

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