Listed below are additional sources of financial aid to consider as you research ways to fund your college education. Please review the Helpful Hints link first to help organize your search. 

Helpful Hints

In your search for sources of financial aid beyond the aid Hampden-Sydney has offered you, please note the following:

  • High school seniors should first check with their school's college or guidance counselor.  Students have a higher likelihood of qualifying for scholarships in their local area than beyond it.
  • All students should check with local organizations (community service, non-profit agencies, government agencies, small businesses, churches or other religious organizations, and civic groups.)  Also check out our "Community Foundations" link for scholarships that are available in your city or county of residence. 
  • Check with your employer or your parents' employers for scholarships and tuition reimbursement programs.
  • It is rare for students to receive a single large scholarship such as $20,000 from an outside organization.  The best plan is to put together a number of small scholarships.  Many people skip over scholarships that award less than $1,000 as well as ones that require essays, so these are often untapped resources. 

College Savings Plans

Private Scholarship Search

The scholarship search services in this section are free.  You are encouraged to enter as much biographical data as possible in the "Personal Information" sections of the searches.  Many scholarships are available to specific groups of people based on things like military status/affiliation, cultural heritage, hobbies, and more.  While we do not endorse any particular organization, business, group, or individual on this page, or the services that they might provide, these are nationally recognized scholarship search services of which you should be aware.

While we would not normally recommend a scholarship search service that requires a fee to be paid, we have heard from a number of our families that this service may be worth the cost: Scholly

Outside Scholarships

The Financial Aid Office will post outside scholarship opportunities as we become aware of them.  We do not endorse any particular organization, business, group, or individual on this page, nor do we endorse any point of view, product, or service that they might provide.  Although the following scholarships have been briefly reviewed for legitimacy, students should use their best judgment in applying for any scholarship opportunity.  We recommend that students do not apply for any scholarship that might require them to pay for consideration, or any site that requires an undue amount of personal information from them. 

Community Foundations

If you are not a resident of Virginia, search for community foundations in your state here.

Smithfield Foundation Scholarship

The Smithfield Foundation is proud to provide educational scholarships to the dependent children and grandchildren of full-time and retired employees of Smithfield Foods. Employees must have worked with the company a minimum of 18 months for their dependent child or grandchild to be eligible.

Smithfield Foundation Scholarship Application

ALERT: Scholarship Scams

To check legitimacy of scholarship search services or individuals, for information about financial aid scams, and tips to avoid being scammed visit these web sites: