• Bryson Smith

    History and Religion major

    During the summer of 2023, history and religion major Bryson Smith ’24 explored the historical contextualization of the Hampden-Sydney College curriculum for summer research. Bryson Smith ’24

  • Martin Eschman

    Applied Mathematics and Psychology major

    During the summer of 2023, Hampden-Sydney College applied mathematics and psychology major Martin Eschman ’24 took a deep dive into the world of public speaking anxiety for summer research. Martin Eschman ’24

  • Izac Olatunji

    Biology and fine arts majors

    Izac Olatunji ’23 traveled to a remote corner of Alaska and gained new insights on home and heritage as a research assistant to Hampden-Sydney College Associate Professor of Rhetoric Sean Gleason. Izac Olatunji ’23

  • Coleman Meadows

    Psychology major and Leadership in the public interest minor

    Psychology major Coleman Meadows ’22 has an impressive understanding of how his experiences at Hampden-Sydney College have real-life implications and will no doubt use them as he works toward his career goals in counseling. Coleman Meadows ’22

  • Taylor McGee

    Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Philosophy, and Spanish majors

    Taylor McGee ’23 has achieved remarkable success during his time on the Hill—he was recently named a Goldwater Scholar, an honor that represents the highest level of undergraduate achievement in natural sciences, math, and engineering. Taylor McGee ’23

  • Joey Kelly

    English and Visual Arts majors, Music minor

    Senior Joey Kelly is uniquely himself and, with the help of his transformative and well-rounded academic experience at Hampden-Sydney College, is not afraid to challenge his own or others' perspectives. Joey Kelly '22

  • Tyler Howerton

    Physics major, Mathematics minor

    A standout offensive lineman, 4.00 physics major, and humble and gracious Hampden-Sydney man, Tyler Howerton '21 has accomplished an impressive list of feats in his four years on the Hill. Tyler Howerton '21

  • Harrison Whaley

    Biology major, Leadership in the Public Interest minor

    CAC chairman and biology major Harrison Whaley '21 tells us about what drew him to Hampden-Sydney College and what keeps him here—hint: it's the people. Harrison Whaley '21

  • Charlie Wolfe

    Chemistry major

    Charlie Wolfe is Hampden-Sydney College’s fifth Goldwater Scholar in history. It is the nation's premier undergraduate scholarship in the natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering. Charlie Wolfe '20

  • Alex Dent

    Physics major

    Physics major Alex Dent ’21 is the first student from Hampden-Sydney College to be accepted into the prestigious and highly competitive Clinical Research Internship Program at the Mayo Clinic. Alex Dent '21

  • Cole Johnson

    Biology major, Chemistry minor

    Coleman Johnson '19 presented his melanoma research at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Atlanta, Georgia. Coleman Johnson '19

  • Corey Williams

    Biology major

    Corey Williams '19 received an Honorable Mention Award for the presentation of his melanoma research at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Atlanta, Georgia. Corey Williams '19

  • Max Dash

    English major, Creative Writing minor

    Recent Hampden-Sydney graduate Max Dash '18 devoted the bulk of his senior year to honors research, delving deep into what he calls a very personal, passion-driven project. The creative work thrust the English major deep into Tiger athletics past and present, analyzing the relationship between sports narratives and American culture. Max Dash '18

  • Travis Stackow

    English major, History and Rhetoric minors

    Hampden-Sydney College senior English major Travis Stackow was selected to present his summer research at the Central Slavic Conference, an honor granted to a select few undergraduate students. Travis Stackow '19

  • David Bushhouse

    Biology major, Chemistry minor

    David Bushhouse '19 is one of only eight students from the state of Virginia to be named a 2018 Goldwater Scholar, awarded to undergraduates in the sciences, mathematics, and engineering. David Bushhouse '19

  • Will Fussy

    Biology major

    When Will Fussy '18 chose a research topic for his honors capstone, he found one that combines his biology major with his desire to attend law school: the legal patenting of human genes. Will Fussy '18

  • Sean Walden

    Biology major, Chemistry minor

    The Hampden-Sydney College summer research program provides students with the opportunity for experiential learning. Sean Walden '18 chose to research fungal infections in hops plants—a problem plaguing the beer industry. Sean Walden '18